What to look for before buying an Apple Watch.

Apple, by name, is a wholesome class and has a separate swag. People blindly trust when it comes to Apple products, either it is a laptop, a mobile phone, a tab, or an apple watch. From office devotees to fitness types, more and more people covet the apple watch around their wrists. You must be thinking of how and why because it has become easier for them to respond to calls, text messages, etc. with the help of the watch. 

Apple watch lets you make calls, respond to a text, and are notified about the emails; besides, it also tracks things like calories burnt during the exercise and the heart rate. 

People who love it buy it, and after buying it, like it more, because many reasons are cited for the fitness and health benefits along with the notification system. Buying such a pricey tech gadget needs some practical understanding, after all. It comes in three different categories i.e., apple watch support, apple watch addition, and apple watch. There are more than three dozen ways to customize the watch according to your own will. 

However, before buying your desired watch, go for the following things:

Look for a more significant watch case: apple watch case comes in two sizes, i.e., 38 mm (costs $349) and 42 mm (costs $399). However, the more significant watch case will be expensive than the regular sizes. The materials the cases are made out of also affect the bottom line, because cases are square with rounded edges. The standard Watch case is made of stainless steel, and the Sport case is made of aluminum. The priciest of the three Apple Watch models is 18-karat yellow or rose gold, and the case of the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000.  

Which type of band: Next, you will consider the band, once you have decided about the surface area you need. The watch with a colorful sport band is the apple watch sport, which is 38 mm and costs $549. However, stainless steel or leather can drive up the prices. An additional $100 will be charged upon choosing the same 38 mm with a classic buckle band. Sports band is of $49, leather hoops, classic buckles, and Milanese loops are of $149, modern buckles are of $249, and the stainless-steel link bracelet is of $449. If you want one of the black link bracelets, for either a 38-mm or 42-mm watch, you will have to pay $549 extra. If you want a stainless-steel link bracelet and have a wrist, which is bigger than 205 mm in diameter, you need to pay an extra $49 for the links that will make a bigger bracelet.

• Insurance: apple comes with a guarantee and warranty, along with a solid frame of insurance. However, the warranty only is of wear and tear and little damages. Else, the company will not be responsible for the product at any cost. 

Apple comes with several discounts offers that can be availed in on and offseason.

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