Mac vs PC: Which one is for me?

Updated: May 18

Mac or PC: Which one is for me?

Shall I buy Mac or PC?

This is the most asked question within my circle. Here I will be placing some facts and figures, which will be helpful if you are also here with the same question but before we start unwrapping it, let me introduce myself and my experience in the field.

I am a tech guy and have been in this industry for more than 11 years. I have worked with seven different companies in the past 11 years and got the chance to experience both technologies. Now I will be unwrapping facts and figures which will help you decide which technology is for you.

Software Updates and Patches

MAC or Windows both have different operating systems. For MAC users, it is the Apple operating system, while for PC users, it is Microsoft and, more specifically, Microsoft Windows for PC users.

When it comes to updating, Apple takes over windows. As the hardware components are known well, any bug or problem can be solved efficiently and rapidly. When it comes to windows, the hardware used in system gathering is of a wide variety (third-party hardware), so updates are always slow.

Also, if the third-party hardware used in the PC is not compatible, it can create more issues with the PC. Yet at same instant it gives the flexibility to build your custom machines.

Long-lasting Mac users don't change machines often. It is more long-lasting. My first MAC, which I got in 2013, is still with me. Even when it was damaged, I got it repaired quickly. You know exactly where to go and who is suitable to repair MAC machines.

Long-lasting and easy to repair features come only with MAC even though PCs also have got a good life. Along with the long-lasting stamina of MAC, I love the look and feel of machines. PC features also compel you to keep a PC too, but you won't be getting that feel with it.

Cost to acquire a one

Everyone knows MAC is costlier than PCs, but when you see what you are getting makes the price justification easier. If we look at the MacBook Pro 13-inch display, its price starts at $1,299, and yes, it's great looking, and its hardware makes you feel it. It's getting updates frequently, and there is seamless connectivity with other Apple devices.

When we compare Dell XPS 13, its price is $1,029, so yes, it's cheaper, but its screen resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) is less than MacBook Pro (2560 x 1600 pixels).

Performance and Security.

Apple has hardware control while PCs are not, which means MAC operates smoothly without lagging and incompatibilities. In contrast, PCs sometimes don't have suitable drivers release for each component in OS, so it may not be smooth all the time.

Regular updates and control over the hardware and software make MACs more secure than PCs, but you can make PCs safe by using suitable software.

Pros & Cons

Let's find what suits best for you. The most important aspects can be features, need, and if they can be modified after purchase. Let's critically analyze to find what's best for you:

Pros of Mac / Pros of PC

  • User friendly and more intuitive

  • More economical with a wider choice range

  • Seamless integration between iPhones and iPads

  • Can be modified even after once formed

  • Built in “Retina” Displays (a better option for graphic designers)

  • Compatible with windows, the most popular and frequently used operating system

  • Well-designed and more appealing

  • Better Graphic card and configurations

Cons of Mac / Cons of PC

  • Even through a wide price range it is more expensive

  • If you are unfamiliar with windows then it takes time to get used with operating system.

  • Less features are available for MAC users since window is more widely used.

  • Resale value is much lesser as compared to MAC.

Final Words

The differences between 2 technologies lies but it won’t be wrong to say that both technologies are pretty strong. You can get many tasks done on both i.e. image editing, video editing, creating spreadsheets, writing, video streaming and many more without facing any problem.

But considering all the facts and figures I would recommend using MacBook Pro instead of PC. Though its expensive than PC but its long lasting. Mac keeps getting patches and software updates. It has a better Re sell Value compared to PC. And in the long run Mac Book is the beneficial one.

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