How to Tell If AirPods Pros Are Fake?

Updated: May 18

How to Tell If AirPods Pros Are Fake? Here is All You Need to Know!

Nowadays, you can find a lot of fake AirPods pro in the market, and it becomes really difficult to tell if the AirPods pro is real or fake. But you don't have to worry about anything as this article will guide you on how to tell if the AirPods pro is fake. So, without any further delay, let's get started with the guide.

How to Tell If AirPods Are Fake? 7 Must-Know Tips!

1. Scan the Serial Number

The first and the easiest way to spot a pair of fake AirPods pro is by scanning the serial number. If the pair is real, the number will be scanned by Apple's system, and it'll approve of the model. Check serial Here

2. Evaluate the Diffusers on the Exterior of AirPods Pro

The next thing to do is analyze the diffuser of AirPods pro, which is present on the outside of the AirPods pro. Now, keep in mind the quality of the fake ones will be cheap in front of the real ones. The diffuser on the fake AirPods pro will be bigger and will have a grey outline around it, which isn't present on the real ones.

3. Check the Bottom of the AirPods Pro

As we move forward with our guide, we suggest that after evaluating the diffuser, you must check the bottom of the AirPods pro too. So, the fake AirPods pro will have their metal placed on the bottom of in a disproportionate manner, and the dimensions of the metal will not be the same as the AirPods; unlike the real ones, which have the metal of the same dimensions as the body. Fake AirPods Pro's serial number Letters are lighter & small, Fake ones are dark and larger.

4. Analyze the Charging Port

You can also distinguish the fake AirPods pro from the real ones by assessing the lightning charging port of the AirPods. The metal lining on this port on the real AirPods pro is very subtle and well placed; however, on the fake ones, this lining is thick and disproportionate, which distinguishes these from the real ones.

5. Check for the Missing Sensor

Airpods pro has a sensor on the bottom side. This sensor basically detects when you put on the AirPods pro and when you remove them. Now, this sensor will not be present on the fake AirPods pro, which makes it an important thing to identify whether they're fake or real AirPods pro.

6. Use the Box to Differentiate Between Fake and Real AirPods

Many people might struggle with analyzing the small details on the AirPods, but they can easily use the box to spot the fake ones. The box of the fake AirPods pro will have larger text, which won't be printed in the classic San Francisco font. Furthermore, the text will also be reflective and bright, unlike the real one, which doesn't have text with such properties. Last but not least, the gap between the box and the cover will be noticeable, giving an uneasy look. While on the other hand, the box of the real AirPods pro will be tightly closed with no gap.

7. Check the serial Number in the Bluetooth Settings

One of the simplest ways to see if the Airpod Pro's are real or fake is to check the serial number in the Bluetooth setting. If the serial number is missing it's fake. Original Airpods Pro's will away display the serial number in the Bluetooth settings.


This article is a comprehensive guide to spot fake AirPods pro at any moment, and you'll be able to tell easily which are fake and real with the help of this guide. We hope it turns out to be helpful and informative for you.

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