Battery Life - How to get the most juice from your iPhone/Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Updated: Mar 7

Here is a quick and easy guide on what to do and what not to do with your new smartphone so you get the most out of its battery life:

Monitor Which Apps Drain Your Phone’s Battery the Quickest

There are some apps that quickly drain out your phone’s battery. It is better you uninstall those apps if you don’t need them or block their access to your location or other services to save your phone’s battery life.

Turn Off Bluetooth And Wi-Fi When Not Needed

When your phone is searching for Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi signals round the clock, it depletes of its battery life. So, you need to take special care to always turn off these options when you don’t need them.

Deleting Apps and Using Browser Instead Might Help

There are some apps that unnecessarily consume a lot of battery life and storage space from your phone which can be run on a browser. Facebook is one good example in this regard, if you think your phone needs a preventative measure against battery drainage, consider deleting these apps.

Turn Off Location Tracks for Apps

GPS detection always drains out your phone’s battery life as you are being continually monitored through the tracking system. Many apps use this feature that can drain your phone’s battery.

Turn on Dark Mode

Thanks to new software and app updates, you can turn on dark mode on your phone for two main reasons: dark mode is fun, and it is friendlier for the eyes. However, probably the better reason behind using this mode is not often discussed: it is good for the battery too.

What Not to Do

These “Don’ts” will help you make the best out of your phone’s battery life, better be precautious than be sorry:

Do Not Charge Your Phone to A 100%

Charging your apple or android phone to its optimum charging level can disturb the charging cycles. It happens as it causes an increase in the temperature and voltage stress induced in the phone.

Don’t Use It When Battery Lowers Than 5%

You would have noticed when your phone reaches below 10% of its battery, the battery indicator slows down to a significant extent. This is probably more common in iPhones and is a sign that you should not drain the battery all the way to zero but charge it instead.

Don’t Use Phone While Charging

Using your phone while charging can cause a huge disturbance in the battery cycle, and this is more common while watching videos or playing video games on your phone. It is best to turn off your phone while charging.

Do Not Use Over Heated Adapters and Plugs

You should avoid using substandard adapters and wires for charging your phone at any cost. Use only genuine charger for your phone that comes with the phone. If you have to buy a new one, only purchase from the original manufacturer, and beware of copies.

Don’t Let Your Phone Get Over Heated

It is best to remove your phone’s cover while charging your phone or while using a heavy app. Mobile phones also get heated while taking pictures, so make sure to give small breaks to your phone to avoid overheating.

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