About us

NYCELLS.com was first founded back in 2012 to help people be able to afford tech more reasonably and easily. The company was started on the principle that tech should be affordable and accessible regardless of class or income. Tech is an active part of our society, adults, and children equally need access to the latest tech in order to properly function, work, and learn in today’s world. 


To try out the idea, the founder first bulk brought Apple products and re-sold them to friends, family, and colleagues for a discount to see if more affordable pricing helped them to attain tech and use it in their everyday lives. The process then expanded to take place with selling on Craigslist and eBay. The founder has an established seller’s profile on eBay with about 7 years of history and is a trusted, Top Rated Seller with over $100,000 in verified sales. While this initial setup was successful at the start, the founder noticed that fees taken out of transactions from eBay

and PayPal was starting to add up and eat away at profits. This is what spurred the initial idea to start Nycells.com as its own proprietary platform. 


Nycells.com obtains tech stock through liquidation, and open box items from companies like Costco, Bj's, Target, Walmart, and the like. Then sells these items through their sales chain and has expanded to supplying Local business around the New York City area. In addition, the founder donates iPads & tech to schools for special needs kids, one being his son's school for kids with autism. Nycells.com has been prominently featured on the Bronx’s NEWS 12 for helping clean up a veteran park in the Bronx with time and success. This was done in tandem with local charity Lifting Up the World.  Nycells.com started as a small business with the mission to help others succeed by gaining access to important tech to help them keep up with society and their day-to-day lives. 


While Nycells.com is still on the newer side, it shows a lot of promise and is growing fast. To find out how you can get affordable tech or follow their story, please find them on the following links: